"We train you to train your dog."

Lilac City Dog Training Club

Classes Offered:

1612 E. Houston

Spokane, WA 99217

(509) 487-9542


Puppy Classes
Obedience Classes & Problem Solving
 Rally Tuesday
 Agility Monday
 Conformation Monday
Nosework Thursday

Lilac City Dog Training Club is proud to offer a full range of classes in which we train you to train your dog. Classes are open to purebred and mixed breeds, young and not-so-young dogs.


Click on the labels for class descriptions.

Classes are offered at our facility, times are listed on the schedule by individual class. If you need help in finding us, check the contact us page listed on the right.

Are you having trouble finding that prefect gift for someone with a dog?  How about a gift certificate for a fun class at Lilac City Dog Training Club.  Please call Colleen at (509) 220-3859 for more information.

Monday - Wednesday & Saturday